Invite friends, earn loads.

Get £20* for every person you invite to TransferGo—and earn hundreds each month!

*Currencies and amounts may vary. See our current offer and terms here.

How do I invite my friends?

It’s easy—follow these three simple steps…

1. Find

Find your invite code. It’s in the ‘Invite’ section of your account.

2. Share

Share your invite code by text, WhatsApp or social media. They’ll need to copy it.

3. Nudge

Help your friends to sign up and start transferring. You’ll get £20 every time!

Sharing is earning

Share your invite code far and wide by text, WhatsApp or social media. When you do, tell people about our fast and easy transfers, our great rates, and how easy it is to use.

Once they send £100 internationally to another person in another currency, the reward is yours.

Talking people
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It’s a win-win!

They get instant money transfers, great rates and low fees.

You get £20 every time they sign up with your invite code and send £100* internationally between currencies.

With TransferGo, everybody wins.

* Currencies and amounts may vary.

Click and collect — it’s that easy.

Your reward is automatically added to your TransferGo account—you just need to collect it when prompted.

Click ‘COLLECT MY REWARD!’ in the ‘Invite’ section of your account and fill in the details

Frequently asked questions

What is the TransferGo ‘Refer a Friend’ program?

TransferGo pays you £20 (or the equivalent) every time someone joins TransferGo using your unique invite code, and sends over £100 internationally in their first six months.

Sometimes the program varies, with rewards going up to £30 or even £50 for some referrals. 

How much money can I make from the program?

You can make as much as you like. The top earners earn several thousand pounds every month, as they invite hundreds of people on their social media channels.

How does the TransferGo ‘Refer a Friend’ program work?

TransferGo gives you your own unique invite code when you register. So every time someone new enters that code when they sign up to TransferGo, you get paid (once they have made the ‘qualifying transfers’ internationally).

How do I qualify for the cash reward?

As long as you are abiding by our RaF terms and conditions, you qualify. There’s a link to them at the top of this page.

The basic rules are that you need to refer someone who isn’t you, who didn’t refer you, and their transfers need to be international, to another person and currency, and add up to the equivalent of £100.

Where do I find my TransferGo invite code?

Your invite code is in your TransferGo app. Just go to the ‘Home’ section of the app and look for the banner that mentions earning a reward. Or you can tap the top left menu, tap ‘Earnings’, and find it that way.

If you’re logged in on the web, just find the ‘Invite and Earn’ section in the left-hand margin. You’ll see your invite link, which you can copy, paste and send wherever you like.

Do they have to be my friends?

They can be friends, acquaintances, family members, or complete strangers. As long as they use your invite code to sign up, we’ll count them as your friend.

What’s the limit on how much you can earn?

There is no limit. You get £20 (or equivalent) every time anyone that isn’t you uses your invite code to join TransferGo, just as soon as they’ve sent their first £100 internationally into another currency, and to another person. Of course, they need to abide by our T&Cs.

Why I haven’t received my bonus from a friend who signed up?

They still need to start using our app. We define this as sending £100 or more to another person, in another currency and country, in their first six months. 

Is TransferGo safe and legit?

7 million customers seem to think so! You can check our reviews on Trustpilot, look us up online and read about us in major publications around the world, if you want any more reassurance. 

How can I earn money online by referring friends?

Start with friends and family—but don’t be afraid to spread the message on your social channels. Your invite code can’t be ‘stolen’. It can only be used to earn you money.

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